StemWijzer 2006

Welcome to VoteMatch

VoteMatch (StemWijzer) tests your political preference by reference to propositions and statements from the election manifestos of the political parties contesting the elections to the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament on 22 November 2006.

The statements

Give your view on 30 statements by clicking on ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘don’t know’.

Extra importance

After responding to all statements, you can indicate which issues you consider to be of extra importance.

Choose party

In a separate screen you can indicate which parties you wish to be included in the voting recommendation.

Voting recommendation

VoteMatch will then calculate a voting recommendation and show your preference for the other parties in descending order.


Using the voting recommendation you can check to see to what extent your opinion coincides with the positions of the political parties. You can also consult the explanatory notes on the parties’ positions.

We wish you every success in determining your political preference!

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